YHI Spa at Paradisus Punta Cana All Inclusive Resort

The YHI Spa at Paradisus Punta Cana Resort presents you with a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere with aromatherapy in the form of incense burning in their beautiful outside garden along with piped in relaxing music offering a true experience of serenity even before you enter the building.  When you step inside, everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  They offer you tea and fresh juice or water infused with island fruits for detoxification.  They have a menu of services to offer such as; massages, mud wraps, facials and even beauty services from their salon for your hair and nails.

All-inclusive resorts usually include entertainment, food, and unlimited drinks including those libations.  When it comes to the spa services, I have found with all resorts, that spa services are never included.  At the Paradisus Punta Cana, I did however find the prices to be quite reasonable compared to other resorts and cruises.  I have included the price list here, since you don’t get the option of having that available to you ahead of your time of visit.  I noticed the resort leaves that information off of their website.  This is the price list we were presented with upon entering the spa and is available on my blog site at reviewingvirtuously.com

During our visit, we also learned that if you don’t book spa services, you can pay a $20 fee per day to use the YHI Spa facilities which include; hot tub, tranquil pool, steam room and sauna.  Some may find this a nice option.  One thing I did find missing from the rest of the resort is hot tubs.  That alone would send me to the spa to use their facilities.  In our case we did not have to pay this $20 .  If you book a spa service then you are allowed access to use the facilities for the day.  You get your own locker, robe and flip flops included. 


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