Review of Travel Toiletry Organizer by Bag & Carry

This organizer has an adorable design, great functionality and lots of storage compartments.

Convenient, just hang and go! Cute Polka Dot Design, Well Made, Versatile and Very Large to hold lots of makeup.
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I finally got my chance to take this cutie for a spin on a weekend getaway. Upon arrival to my hotel, I just unzipped the bag to expand it and hung it from the hook on the hotel bathroom door. I really like how the inner compartments are transparent so I could see and use my toiletries directly from the bag. I didn’t feel the need to unpack since all my toiletries were easy to see and access while hanging on the back of the bathroom door. They stayed organized and it was nice to have the counter of the sink remain clutter free.

I fit all my toiletries in this bag except for my large round hair brush. Which I usually pack separately due to its extra-large size. I fit everything else with room to spare. My favorite feature is the detachable bag, which I used for my makeup. Yes, it is large enough to hold my makeup and removable so I can bring the bag with me to the mirror to apply my makeup. When I travel, I usually pack the makeup bag loosely in my suitcase, but with this organizer, I can now keep it nice and neat all in one convenient place.

What I love about this bag:

• FUNCTIONALITY! See video for a demonstration. Detachable bag is easy to attach. Though, I do recommend you pay close attention the first time you take the bag off so you can remember how the zipper works for re-attaching. With a little practice, re-connecting the zipper is easy.

• LOTS OF COMPARTMENTS: 2 zipper pockets on the front, 3 see-though zipper pouches on the inside, 1 polka-dot pouch that detaches, and a hook for hanging.

• EXPANSION: The bag unfolds expanding its length to a 28.5“ long travel toiletry bag for hanging on a door/ wall hook or shower rod.

• COMPACT FOR LUGGAGE: Folds and neatly and zips closed to fit in luggage. Folded dimensions are: 11″(w) x 7.5″(h) x 3.5″(d)

• FITS ALL MY TOILETRIES: Holds my full-sized shampoo and conditioner. You would not fit large bottles in the bag, but I fit two 12oz bottles and had no trouble zipping the pouch closed.

• EASY CLEAN-UP: Bag easily wipes clean. Though, it looks like cotton fabric with those cute polka-dots, this organizer is made of a nice comfortable vinyl material that makes cleanup a breeze.

• HIGH QUALITY: Truly professional workmanship. The zippers are strong and sewn with great quality. The entire organizer is stitched tight together with facing so there are no raw edges.

This Organizer Gets a Kelly Thumbs Up!

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