Review of Travel Bra Underwear Organizer by Bag & Carry

Love, Love, Love this travel organizer! Overall, this bag is fantastic quality, cute in design, and suits my needs for practicality. I no longer have to put my unmentionables in a zip-lock storage bags to hold them in place in my luggage when traveling. Lately I have been looking at the cube options to place in my luggage. They seem a bit boring in design with their solid colors. I saw THIS organizer by B&C on Amazon and fell in love with the fun polka-dot design and the large/long size to fit those padded bras in.

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• I am very pleased to see, it looks exactly as it does in the photo and is very well made. The stitching is high quality (no raw edges or threads hanging. The zippers work with ease.
• The main compartment is long enough to put those padded bras (folded) in with extra room for underwear as well.
• If you have some of those wired padded bras that can’t fold, the bag is wide enough 14” to hold them by having them face the front instead of the side load. See photo.
• I was able to easily fit my extras, socks, stockings, underwear, etc… into the bonus zipper compartments on each end of the bag. These have their own compartments inside of them with various size pockets to fit and hold those smaller items in place.
• I like the convenience that I can now just transfer from my luggage to the hotel drawer without the need to unpack the smaller items.
• I love the handle on the outside of the organizer. This makes it easy for holding while transferring from luggage to drawer.
• I would like to see this offered as part of a travel set. I see in one of the photos on Amazon for this item that there is another travel bag shown with this one in the same design. I would like to purchase that as well but don’t see a link to it.
• I would also use this to put my hair utensils in, hair dryer, curling/straightening iron, etc.. You can use the smaller pockets inside the bonus zippered compartments for hair ties, pins, clips, etc.. I plan to purchase a second one specifically for this purpose.

Available on Amazon at: