Remove Eye Makeup with Nothing but Water and this Cloth

AOMUU Makeup Remover Cloths & Silicone Exfoliation Facial Scrub Pad

After growing tired of purchasing makeup remover wipes at the exorbitant cost they are today, I felt compelled to research a better alternative.  I stumbled across this Makeup Remover Cloth and Silicone Facial Scrub Pad set on Amazon and Ebay.  I am completely flabbergasted as to how easy this cloth removes my eye makeup with nothing but water!  The cloths are so soft that I look forward to removing my makeup at the end of the day.

I read the description of this cloth claiming you don’t need chemicals or removers.  Just wet the cloth with water and it removes makeup!.     “What?” I thought, “—-That can’t be possible.” I decided to give them a try since the cost is so low.  “Even If they don’t remove my makeup with just water, I will have two soft wash cloths plus a facial scrub pad.”

When they arrived, I gave one soft cloth directly to my 15 year old daughter.  I kept the other one.  I used mine on my eyes and it easily removed ALL of my eye makeup including the eye liner and mascara as well.  Now, I do use a pencil, which is not as hard to remove as the liquid eyeliners the younger people wear today.  So, I asked my daughter how it works on her eyes, since she wears her makeup much heavier than I do and she also uses liquid eyeliner.

Well I was completely ASTONISHED watching the makeup easily transfer to the cloth with nothing but water.  The cloth also cleans the rest of the face and easily removes foundation.  Though, we do use a mild face soap while washing our face for a deeper cleaning.  My daughter uses the soft silicone scrub pad for exfoliation and also to clean her makeup brushes. 

We have had this kit for a few weeks now.  I wanted to give it a good trial before I would review.  The soft cloths clean easily.  I have washed the cloths numerous times, both by hand and in the washing machine, and reused them.   I am happy to say they have lasted for many makeup removal sessions and still work as fantastic as the first time.  Even the black under my eyes that I get from smudged eyeliner removes very easily with no lotions or removers, just water. 

My daughter has stopped asking me to purchase the expensive makeup remover pads.  She says she does not use them anymore. We are chemical free while saving money.  A double bonus! 

This is truly a magic makeup remover.  I call it my magic cloth!