PUAroom1080P WiFi P2P Mini Camera


This camera is cute, but hard to get set up. I gave it only two stars on Amazon, because it does have the potential to be a good camera with future version. The iPhone App doesn’t connect the camera or WIFI rendering it unable to be used at this stage of development. It does have potential to be a great mini-cam and I can’t wait for the finished product. A lot of the issues I outline below may also be solved with a better written instruction manual.

The camera itself seems to be a work in progress. Out of the box it appears to be a black ribbon, a few inches long with a small lens on one end and the other end is a circuit board without a cover. It is just wrapped in black electrical tape. There is an on/off switch sticking out of the circuit board. I am uncomfortable touching this device without a cover for fear of electrical shock.

Instruction Manual is Not Legible
The manual has serious grammatical and punctuation errors, It is very obvious that there is a Language barrier and English is poorly written to the point where the manual is impossible to understand. To add to the difficulty of reading the manual, the font is too small and appears to be a 1-3 pt font size at most. This instruction manual can easily be improved by hiring someone who speaks fluent English and has the skillset of technical writing.

iPhone Application
The app fails to connect to camera to my network. I have an iPhone and I downloaded the iMiniCam App. The App is simple and also has some grammatical errors. I could get past the errors enough to understand that the app is asking to be connected to my WIFI. This leads to the question. “How do I use this camera on the go when I am on my cell phone connection away from my home network?” Hmmm.
The app does not find my WIFI on the network. It pulls up a blank page when scanning for available WIFI networks. When I plug in my WIFI name and password manually, it does not recognize it. I am using 2.4G as required by the device and I also input he correct password multiple times. I found another app that shows with same icon on the app store called the ‘P2PLiveCam’. I thought it might be an updated version of the ‘iMiniCam’ App, I had the same problem. It did not recognize my WIFI, cell phone network or connect to the camera.

This device comes with two lithium DC-5V 300mah batteries that you plug in by connecting the black and red cords. The batteries also appear to be circuit boards covered in black electrical tape. My first question is; “Are these rechargeable?” I don’t see a charging port so my guess is ‘no”. What happens when these batteries run out of power? Am I out of luck until I purchase another battery which would have to be directly from this manufacturer since it appears custom made for this device?
The camera came with a USB cable that connects to your computer, If I could make sense of the manual, perhaps the manual tells you it is for charging the camera?

There is also a CD, my guess is for installing the software on a desktop. Since this camera is still in the development state, I don’t trust installing this in fear of taking my computer down.

Overall, this device is a cute concept, but it is still on the drawing board. It has potential to become a great device when finished. Add a device cover, fix the phone app and re-write the instruction manual to be legible and this can be a great little camera.