Paradisus Punta Cana Room Tour – Junior Suite, Room 1245, by the Spa


This room is on the first floor of this two story building.  It is the lowest price category called the ‘Junior Suite’ and absolutely beautiful.  Surrounded by marble and modern style décor; this room is absolutely stunning, well kept, and immaculate.  It is centrally location between the lobby, beach and pools.  An easy walk to all areas.  Shuttle service stop is right in  front of the building.

There is another category called the ‘Junior Suite with a Garden View’.  I didn’t quite get that since the entire resort is a garden view and we had a great view of the garden right from our back patio and the front door.  The added bonus of this room is the YHI Spa right off the back patio where they have relaxing meditation type music piped in through outside speakers, incense sticks burning constantly with an aroma of heavenly scents flowing through the air;  luring you into an atmosphere of complete serenity.   Can you say “Om-Somni-Omm?”  This room offers the full tranquil experience of mind, body & soul.

With this being the standard ‘Junior Suite’ and I could not understand the difference between this one and the garden view category.  If you happen to know, feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube video.

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