Meixx LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

I bought this speaker for the ambiance lighting and ability to blue tooth and play music from my phone. I love this speaker. The sound quality is crystal clear and has a nice loud volume to it. I am also able to Bluetooth to it from my laptop to view and listen to instructional videos and YouTube as well as stream music from my phone.

This speaker turns on/off easily by pressing and holding the button on the top of the speaker.
The lights change color each time I tap my finger on top console of the speaker in the following order: white, red, light green, fuchsia, deep blue, deep green, light blue. The light stays stationary on the color I choose when I discontinue tapping the top console. The speaker is set to a beautiful dancing light show by holding the holding my finger on the touch console for a couple of seconds. The lights seem to change and pulse to the beat of the music. I did notice that for this feature to work, my music volume on my phone must be set to louder rather than softer.
Bluetooth range is pretty far. I could go out into my back yard with the speaker while my phone, that streamed music to it, stayed inside.
Charge time was about an hour and a half, which is faster than the documentation states it is going to be. Charging time can probably vary according your charger cable type. I used the cable that came with the device.
Play time before battery runs out. I could play the speaker all day long without the need to plug it in. It lasted about 6 hours for me.
There are a few things the marketing material claims the speaker does that this one did not.
1. Speaker does not change volume. I did notice the instruction manual, that came with the speaker, says; “The volume goes up and down by touching the panel / top console and moving your finger counter-clockwise. This speaker did not adjust the volume for me. I must use my phone to raise and lower the volume. This but it is not a deal breaker since I can use my phone to turn volume up or down anyway.
2. Speaker does not answer the phone. The callers voice does not talk through the speaker. The instruction manual has a statement that says; “You can answer your phone with the speaker by pressing the on/off button on top of the speaker. Short press to receive call, double short press to hang up.” This feature did not work using my iPhone 6-plus or a family member’s Motorola/Android phone. The speaker was set up correctly and blue tooth was enabled but this feature failed with both devices.
3. Alarm clock from my phone does not play through the speaker using an iPhone 6 plus, but it does work with the Motorola/Android phone.

Overall, I really love this speaker for the quality of sound and ambiance with the changing lights. However, the speaker I received does not do everything the instruction manual and Amazon description claims it does. Perhaps I got a defective speaker. That is possible as well. I am quite happy with the quality of the speaker and the lights are beautiful. It seems to be very well made in craftsmanship and does not appear like it will be falling apart any time soon. I will enjoy this speaker for the sound quality and ambient lighting.