Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube: Calming Toy for Focus, Relaxation, Distraction & Improved Mood

This cute gadget really helped my teen’s ability to focus on homework and improved her mood in the process, plus the box it comes in is absolutely adorable.

I got this for my daughter, whom has trouble staying focused for a long period of time on school work.  It is exam week and anxiety seems to be a norm with the rigorous schedule and amount of work the schools impose upon kids these days.  I have read that children are wired differently from adults and need to multi-task.  That is why they are always tapping feet, twirling hair, fidgeting, etc, .while doing their school work.  They don’t sit still well and need to multi-task to help them remain focused.  This is the same with teens because their brains are still developing.

My daughter, a freshman in HS, spent the entire weekend with this cube in her hand.  She had a long weekend of studying for finals and homework to do.  This Fidget Cube really helped her stay on task.  She loved pushing the buttons and moving all the parts.  She said the clicking was very stress relieving and the moving parts were relaxing and satisfying to fidget with.  She also says the clicking noise from moving some of the parts were very relaxing for her. Though she was a bit concerned that the clicking noise would bother other people in the room.  I didn’t even notice it.

I gave this Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube a full five stars because it really did the job with keeping her relaxed and focused, while offering enough variety in the moving parts and clicking noises to get her through, yet another marathon weekend of homework.  As a result, her mood is also improved and she went off to school this morning all relaxed with a smile on her face, ready for final exams.