About Reviewing Virtuously

Hi, I’m Kelly.  Welcome to Reviewing Virtuously!  This site is about honest, accurate product reviews and everyday living from shopping & travel, to recipes, to information about beauty, personal care, home décor and do-it-yourself projects.

As a consumer, it is important to me to know when I am shopping online that product reviews are honest, accurate and not skewed by anyone who gives dishonest reviews due to relationship with  a fly-by-night seller that may not be in it for the long haul.   I enjoy shopping and sharing my experiences that can help others.   I want my contribution to help ensure the online shopping experience is a positive one for all consumers and of course my own shopping experiences.   Serious sellers, that work hard to build and maintain their online market place, need their products tested and reviews written honestly and accurately.   It is the virtuous reviewer that helps them to maintain the integrity of their business.    Sellers need to make sure the products are of highest quality possible to build a successful business.   They can’t possibly test all of the products they sell.  That is where Reviewing Virtuously can contribute.  So, here I am combining my love for shopping, writing and marketing while contributing to maintaining the integrity of the internet shopping experience.






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